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Byron Primary School

Byron Primary is committed to supporting the health and welfare of all our pupils.

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Priority 1 – Healthy weight Healthy Lives

10% of school aged children in Bradford are classed as obese. Obesity can lead to serious health risks. We can take steps to reduce childhood obesity by

  • providing a healthy balanced diet
  • providing lots of opportunities for physical activity

Healthy Breakfast

As part of a healthy diet all children should eat a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet it is the meal most often missed.

  • whole grain cereals, toast, eggs, fruit and yogurt, porridge or muesli are all healthy options,
  • Even if you are running late, a piece of toast or a banana eaten on the way to school is better than nothing.

Did you know Byron Primary run Breakfast Club 5 days a week?  

Healthy Lunch Box

In a recent survey of Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 children 50% of children said they had a sandwich with jam or chocolate spread, over 50% had chocolate biscuits, 30% had crisps and 10% brought sweets. Encouragingly almost all said they had at least 1 portion of fruit in their lunch box.

  • A sandwich – meat, tuna, egg, salad (not jam or chocolate spread)
  • pasta or rice salad
  • carrot, celery, cucumber sticks
  • crackers and cheese
  • fruit, yogurts,
  • If you send crisps chose those with reduced fat and salt content
  • Please do not include sweets or chocolate biscuits and choose healthy options instead such as healthy snack bars, plain biscuits or buns, a handful of grapes

For more ideas and information look at the Change for life website


Get Active

  • Walk to school or shops, leave the car at home
  • Encourage your child to take up a sport or join an after school club such as football, dance, basket ball etc
  • Go to the park or for a walk together
  • Travel trackers - we encourage our children to walk to school and collect badges as a reward

Priority 2 – Managing Asthma

Our aims are                                                                                                  

  • to ensure all children who have asthma have an asthma plan
  • to ensure that all children can recognise symptoms and use their inhaler with or without assistance
  • to encourage parents to visit their GP or practice nurse at least every 12 months to see if they still need an inhaler
  • to ensure parents respond to requests for new inhalers when they are informed they are due to expire

It is a common myth that people with asthma should not do physical exercise. A lot of our most successful athletes suffer from asthma, such as David Beckham and Paula Radcliffe.  Our PE staff encourage children to use their inhalers as necessary and are able to support them in doing this. In addition all PE staff are first aid trained.

Inhalers are sent home at the end of every term.  Please ensure that they are cleaned and returned at the beginning of the next term.  And let us know if your child no longer requires an inhaler in school.

Priority 3 – Supporting Families

Byron Primary is committed to removing any barriers to learning that some children may face due to financial hardship and to ensure no child faces discrimination.

No charge is made for any after school club or for Breakfast Club

School meals are provided free of charge for Reception and Year 1 & 2 children and free meals may be available for families on certain benefits

School are also able to signpost families to other organisations which can help or support them

 Other News

Head Lice

 Please help us to stop head lice from being passed around school. It is good practice to check your child’s hair every time you wash it.  Wash as normal, then using lots of conditioner, comb through the hair from root to tip using a fine tooth comb (available from the chemist)

Please inform school if you do find any head lice so that letters can be sent to parents in the relevant classes. If you receive a letter please check your child’s hair as soon as possible.

It is not necessary to buy expensive lotions to kill the lice, just comb through with a fine tooth comb and conditioner every couple of days for 2 weeks



  • Sue Barton – Pupil Health and Welfare Officer is available every Wednesday morning 8.30-9.30 for any parent wishing to speak about health or parenting issues