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Have you ever wondered why our classes have unusual names? Well, here at Byron we do all we can to promote reading. Each class has the honour of being named after a famous author. These authors have written one of the books on each of the year group book lists.

The children have found out more about their author and made sure they have read their class book.

Support your child by encouraging them to read the other books on their year group book list and other ones by their author.


Mrs Shazia Hassan - Class Teacher

Mrs Wendy Sutcliffe - LSA


4K has been named after the American author and cartoonist Jeff Kinney.

He is best known for his series of books called "Diary Of A Wimpy Kid"

"Diary Of A Wimpy Kid" is on the Year 4 reading list so make sure you give it a read and remember DON'T TOUCH THE CHEESE!








Mrs Mariea Bowers - Class Teacher


 Mrs Naeema Hussain - LSA


Philip Pullman writes novels for both children and young adults. He was a teacher in his early years, but now dedicates his time to writing and giving speeches.

He writes some short stories which he calls his "Fairy Tales", although he is most famous for his trilogy of "The Dark Materials"

"The Firework-Maker's Daughter" is on the Year 4 reading list.

How many of his books can you read?






Mr Allen Hey - Class Teacher


Mrs Rubina Hassan - LSA

Mrs Shabana Begum -LSA


We are named after Sir David Walliams, who is a famous actor, comedian, TV personality and also a famous author.

Some of his books include "Gangsta Granny" , "Billionaire Boy" and "Ratburger"

Some of these books are on the Year 4 book list and are definitely well worth a read. Enjoy!