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Byron Primary School


We are incredibly proud of our amazing pupils at Byron - and this is often recognised by people who come into contact with the school.

Here is a record of some of the lovely things they have said about us...

Alex Fellows Drama Teacher - November 2021 - Year 6 workshops

The Year 6 pupils were exceptional in their response to quite challenging drama work - showing considerable commitment to all the drama activities and in many cases providing very insightful and perceptive responses to the drama situations they encountered. Drama is a learning vehicle in which a significant amount of self discipline is required and they showed an abundance of it. It was a real pleasure to work with such an enthusiastic and responsive group of pupils.


Alex Fellows Drama Teacher - November 2021 - Year 3 workshops

With Year 3 I was introducing a completely new drama project and the pupils responded excellently. For pupils so young they demonstrated high levels of commitment and energy to the whole sessions and very positive attitudes to the drama activities in which they were involved, working very co-operatively in group situations and showing excellent listening skills throughout. They were most enthusiastic and for their age demonstrated an overall ability to sustain the drama work and meet its demands for a long period - two and and a quarter hours. Throughout I was most impressed with their listening skills and focus.The success of all the sessions was also made possible by the excellent support and involvement I received from members of staff.As usual it was a joy and pleasure with working with pupils and staff at Byron.


Jamie Walls

YHA Education Development and Quality Manager - November 2021 (Year 5 and 6 Residential)

Mariola Leeman - Tourist in Whitby when Year 6 visited - September 2021

I had the pleasure to meet your Y6 in Whitby today. My friend and I were having a coffee at Clara's where your amazing children stopped for an ice-cream. What marvelous ambassadors for your school they are! Fantastic behaviour. You must be so proud. Well done children and well done to all the staff for their hard work.


Supply teacher - Year 1 - September 2021

I would like to say thank you for the kindness shown and everyone making me feel so welcome.

You have a wonderful school with passionate and kind staff, and a great ethos. It really does create a lovely learning environment for the children, who even though it was only their second day back after the holidays, were a joy to teach!


Romina Thornton - Dance United Yorkshire - July 2021

Thank you so much for having me in yesterday to work with the Year 6 classes. We had a great time and I loved the energy every pupil gave.


Reception Class Trips to Temple Newsam - July 2021

All three Reception classes visited Temple Newsam Farm this month, the staff were very proud of the children's behaviour and attitude towards the trip this year. Please visit our gallery to see the class photographs: 

Comments from Debbie who ran the tour : "Thank you, Byron have been a lovely school to show around the farm, they were very sensible and friendly".

Miss Salma, who drove the mini-bus and stayed to support on the trip: "Such well behaved children, I really enjoyed the trip".

Donaldson parent: " My child really enjoyed the trip. During lockdown we had not been able to go out as a family, it was nice that they could go on the trip".

Year 6 Employability Workshops - June 2021

Can I just say thank you so much for once again making me feel so welcome at Byron Primary. Staff and students have been brilliant, it is such a lovely school!

I have had a brilliant three days!

Michelle Hogan

Own Futures

Sue Newby- Bronte Parsonage Museum - Year 5 - November 2021

So we’ve had the last of the children from your school through yesterday, and I just wanted to say what a pleasure it’s been to work with them all. Their enthusiasm was such a tonic! And I’ve had similar reports from front of house staff too about their friendliness and interest, so I wanted to pass that on to you. The staff were a pleasure to work with too.

We hope to see more classes next year!


Simon Brannan Training Consultant Workforce and HR - September 2021

Thank you for inviting Debbie and I to share and train the members of the team in Mental Health First Aid. It was a privilege to work with such a great bunch of people.

From initial contact to the delivery of the training I could tell that there was a real commitment and passion for this to take place as a support mechanism for school. The engagement from the staff on both days was fantastic and demonstrated Byron's passion for an all-inclusive and supportive environment for staff, children, their families and the wider audience that have contact with your school.

I can say with confidence that the staff that took part in the training will be the First Aiders that Mental Health First England want out there being a point of contact in supporting people with Mental Health and be able to recognise the signs of Mental Ill Health whilst helping to reduce the stigma associated with it.

It was great for me as an Instructor, to sign them all off as Mental Health First Aiders knowing that they will be fully committed to the role and the challenges it can bring, but more importantly ensuring they also look after their own Mental Health, which they can do now they have the skills and knowledge in this area. 

Be proud of what you all achieved over the 2 days and display your Mental Health First Aid badges with pride.


Brandon Pickersgill, Bradford Bulls Rugby player - Year 1 after school club - March - July 2021

My time at Byron has been really enjoyable, the staff are welcoming and the pupils are very enthusiastic and willing to learn new skills in sport. I’ve really looked forward to coming to Byron each week and the fun we’ve had in the after school club! 


Year 6 Life Skills First Aid - June 2021

CONGRATULATIONS once again, to all the Year 6 pupils at Byron Primary School who have successfully completed their LIFE SKILLS FIRST AID course, this term.

Byron Primary School are trailblazers in recognising and promoting the importance of First Aid knowledge for both pupils and staff.

The school take essential life skills very seriously as part of the curriculum. For the past five years every year 6 pupil at Byron Primary has taken part in a weekly programme of Basic First Aid, delivered by professional trainers at LIFEAID.

Byron Primary School have always encouraged children to engage in these skills and to understand the importance of having the knowledge to be able to deal effectively with any emergency situation that may occur at home, in the community or at school.

The children themselves saw the need to further improve first aid facilities within the locality and so raised funds to purchase a new AED (defibrillator). This automated external defibrillator is now situated at the entrance to the school and is for the benefit of pupils and staff at Byron and also the wider community.

Hats off to ALL at Byron Primary!

Al & Lynn Vigus,  LIFEAID