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Byron Primary School



Music Statement of Intent

At Byron, we aim to promote a love of music and ensure that every child has the opportunity to experience the joy of music making.  Every child will have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, develop their singing and performance skills and explore their own musical interests and talents, through both formal music lessons and a wide variety of broader musical learning experiences.

We recognise the importance of music in building our children’s cultural capital by exploring a wide range of musical genres and learning about the origins of different musical styles. We appreciate that music teaching allows our pupils to develop not only formal musical skills, but skills of self-confidence, emotional intelligence and fine motor development.

Importantly, we also see music making as an inclusive activity which strengthens our school community and benefits pupil well-being.  As part of this, we aim to provide opportunities for all pupils to engage with the whole school community and beyond as part of their music education.

Music Implementation

Music is incorporated into our school life through formal music lessons, whole school activities and externally organised experiences.

  • Each class has 1 formal music lesson per week (In EYFS, music is routinely incorporated into daily activities) We use the Charanga scheme supplemented by Sparkyard and Sing Up resources.
  • There is a weekly singing assembly.
  • Instrument lessons are provided through whole class tuition for Years 4 and 5 (recorder, mixed strings, flute and saxophone).
  • Each term, we have a whole school Music Day, focusing on music appreciation.
  • We participate in external music events, such as Sing Up Day and Play with the Halle.
  • We invite external musical performers into school to expose pupils to a wide range of musical experiences.
  • We liaise with Bradford Music Education Hub to take advantage of other external opportunities for our pupils and CPD for staff.

Music Impact

Progress in music is monitored in the following ways:

  • Video evidence of performance skills from the first attempt to the final performance
  • Teacher assessment using documentation provided as part of the Charanga scheme ( or from the external teacher in the case of external lessons)
  • ‘Pupil voice’ interviews with the Subject Lead

Where areas for development are identified, appropriate action will be taken. This could be further CPD for staff, lessons being adapted or support requested from Bradford Music Hub.  Good practice and achievements are shared and celebrated.

Below is the Progression of Skills for the Music Curriculum taught at Byron