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Religious Education

Curriculum Intent

Religious Education is an integral part of learning at our school.  We believe that children need to learn from and about different religions to enable them to understand the changing World around them.  Through the teaching of R.E we intend to promote challenging thinkers and respectful citizens who have a sense of identity.  Children have an enquiry based approach to their learning which engages them in their appreciation of different beliefs, practices and influences of principle religions within the local, national and global community. Children access RE through a variety of enriching experiences such as local visits, artefacts, meditation lessons, drama and art.  Through a progressive broad and balanced RE curriculum children feel empowered to ask and answer the bigger questions in life within a nurturing environment.  Children are also introduced to the concept that some people have no religious beliefs and hold a more philosophical view to the World around them.  Our curriculum is planned with the intent that children build upon their prior knowledge of beliefs and practices to develop them spiritually, morally, socially and culturally.