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In Ahlberg, Donaldson and Rosen:

We smile together,
We laugh together,

We work together,
We learn together!


The children in Ahlberg, Donaldson and Rosen love to learn! Our Teachers: Mrs Moscrop, Mrs Khan and Mrs Hopkins base learning around the interests of our children, so that learning is fun and exciting! The staff work very hard to create a learning environment that provides opportunities for exploration, challenge and achievement.  We are incredibly proud of every child in our department! We celebrate children's learning and behaviour daily and love to hear about learning at home.

Please bring in pieces of work that your child has completed at home - we love to showcase learning and add these achievements to our Learning Journals.

"The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out!" Bill Gates

Welcome to our Wonderful EYFS Department.  This web-page is your window into your child's daily school life.  
In December 2016 Ofsted said "Early years Provision is Good.  The thoughtfully planned activities ignite children's curiosity."
We are extremely proud of every child in our department and each member of staff has been hand-picked to ensure that our children receive the best possible start to their education.  Our Early Years Ethos is one of calmness, organisation and is underpinned by positive learning behaviours.  We have a thirst for learning new things and staff professional development is key to the success of our department.  
"Find something that you are passionate about & keep tremendously interested in it." Julia Child
Mrs Catherine Moscrop
EYFS Lead Teacher and Assistant Head Teacher
Learning Journals
Your child's learning journals are always available for you to come and view at any time.
Please remember that you are welcome to contribute to your child's learning journey. In the back of the file is a star moment sheet (attached below), we would love to see what your child does at home and your involvement in creating this record of their time in Early Years is greatly valued. 
Also attached below is a Parent Voice sheet for you to make any comments about the file.
Thank you very much for your contributions!
What have we been up to in each class:
Our topic this half term is:
Our classrooms will be set up differently this half term, but our objectives will be the same.
Week 1 and 2: Ahlberg will be learning through our Fantasy Pirates topic, Donaldson will be Monsters and Aliens and Rosen will be Mystical.
Week 3 and 4: Ahlberg will be learning through our Monsters and Aliens, Donaldson will be Mystical and Rosen will be Pirates.
Week 5 and 6: Ahlberg will be learning through our Mystical topic, Donaldson will be Pirates and Rosen will be Monsters and Aliens.
Loose Parts Provision Area
 If you have any of the following items at home; buttons, shells, pebbles, corks, juice carton lids and lolly sticks, then we would be more than happy to add them to this area.
Numicon, Numicon everywhere!
We absolutely love Numicon here in Byron EYFS.  You will find it in all areas of our provision. Ask your child what they have been doing with Numicon today...
EYFS Byron Blue Maths Challenge
We are very excited that the children can take part in the Byron Blue challenge.
To gain their Byron Blue badges the children have to:
Badge 1:  Count confidently from 0 to 20 and back from 20 to 0.
Badge 2:  Recognise numbers to 20.
Badge 3: Know 1 more and 1 less than any number
The children are now starting to use Read, Write inc to learn new sounds every week and also some red and green words, please practise these at home with them.
Mrs Catherine Moscrop
EYFS Leader and EYFS Teacher for Rosen
Mrs Saima Mirza
EYFS Teacher for Rosen
Mrs Kirran Khan
EYFS Teacher for Donaldson
Mrs Kim Hopkins
EYFS Teacher for Ahlberg