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Bradford, Yorkshire BD3 0AB

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Byron Primary School

Learning Mentor

Miss Hussain is our Senior Learning Mentor here at Byron. She is a very important part of Byron and is a prominent figure who is well known and loved by both staff, pupils and parents. It is her responsibility to ensure positive behaviour is well managed in school. In order to do this, she implements many positive rewards to help maintain super learning behaviours. Firstly, all classes have positive stickers and sticker charts, where children can earn stickers for a number of things, for example: following the schools rules, which is key to our behaviour policy. These stickers are then exchanged for prizes from the treat trolley, which comes around to classes each week.  As well as this, children at Byron are placed into houses, they can earn house points for completing awesome work in lessons and producing outstanding homework. Each week in celebration assembly, the winning house wins the trophies for good attendance and house points.

Throughout the year, children who show excellent learning behaviours are also rewarded through end of term / year treats. Some examples would be: magic shows, inflatables and DJ entertainment.

Sometimes, children can struggle with behaviour.  Miss Hussain is the member of staff who helps and supports children to improve their behaviour. This can be through completing 1-1 sessions, group work and working closely with them throughout the year. She is always on hand to liaise with parents and throughout the years has built up a strong rapport within the local community and outside agencies.