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Year 3

We hope you have had a lovely Christmas Break.  Our topic this term is The Rainforest.  We are really looking forward to this topic.   

Miss. Ali, Mr. Bennett and Mrs Bisland


Our Topic this term is :

The Rainforest

We will be looking at where the Rainforests are located in the World; identifying the names and countries in the United Kingdom; looking at latitude and longitude and studying plants.  We have a school trip planned (more information to follow in the New Year) and a visit from a poet.

Art and Design
We are looking at the work of Henri Rousseau whose work is inspired by The Rainforest and we will create our own pieces of art inspired by him.  We will also be creating a diorama of The Rainforest and using our sewing skills to create an animal.
This terms science topic is plants.  We will be naming the different parts of plants and their functions.  We will also investigate how rainforest plants use water.
A big 'thank you' to all of those parents who support their children in learning their Byron Blue Times Tables.
We are doing well as a year group and we have a few children who are currently working on and achieving badges from older year groups.
  • Miss M AliYear 3 Class Teacher
  • Mr N BennettYear 3 Class Teacher
  • Mrs S BislandYear 3 Class Teacher
  • Mrs MilsonIntervention Teacher

Useful websites

Each year 3 child has been given a homework grid that is linked to the topic that they are learning this term (Stone Age). The grid has reading, writing and rearching tasks. Each task on the grid is worth a certain amount of house points depending on how difficult the task is or the amount of time it takes to complete the task. We hope you can support your children in completing these tasks at home as the house points are linked to the houses (Bronte, Titus, Lister or Hockney) that they are in. So the more tasks the children complete the more house points they can win for  their team!
Good Luck
Each child will have the opportunity to go swimming in this academic year. The swimming lessons will take place on a Thursday afternoon. If any lessons are cancelled or rescheduled the staff members at Byron Primary School will inform you. For each swimming lesson your child will be expected to bring a swimming kit, towel and healthy snack. 
Spring Term swimming will be Class 3M.