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Year 5

Hello and welcome to year 5's page.
This term your children will be learning all about the Romans. Have a look around this page to see how you can help your child progress even more throughout year 5. Also, use the useful website section to improve your children's reading, writing and Maths levels.
  • Miss S HellewellYear 5 class teacher
  • Mrs K O'ConnorYear 5 class teacher
Below are a couple of examples of children's work that have been produced by year 5.
Please can all parents ensure that they listen to their children read at least three times a week and sign the reading record. Thanks!
In the Spring term we will be studying all about the Romans. If you have time please research about them over the Christmas holidays. Below are a couple of videos that may help with your knowledge and understanding.
Following on from last term when we looked and created our own origami, below are a couple of videos that show you how to create other great examples of origami. Have a go and show us what you have made!! 
Below is a preview of our next topic 'The Mayans' You can already start to find out about them so you are ready to learn even more in our Summer Term.

Useful website links


All Subjects

Accelerated Reader Take reading quizzes from the book that you have read, that is specifically at your reading level. Estimating the size of angles Alien angles game Kung fu angles Other angles games can be found here Go to ‘curriculum’ and choose the subject you are interested in – there are links to many other sites with plenty of interactive resources. Plenty of worksheets and PowerPoint presentations covering most of the core areas of the curriculum. Mainly Numeracy, Literacy and Science games and interactive activities. Age appropriate, subject specific activities, games, worksheets and experiments. Also has revision activities. Welsh grid for learning, activities supporting all areas of the curriculum including F/S. Set up as Starter, Main Activity and Plenary for most subjects. Fun and useful interactive activities for most subjects as well as games for the children.  A very odd combination of random Science, History, Art and Literacy activities but interactive and fun! Scroll down the page to view activity by curriculum topic. Some really nice interactive activities – bright and colourful so particularly nice for F/S and K/S 1. Contains ideas, worksheets and some PowerPoint presentations based on all curriculum areas. An American site – lots of fun interactive resources but watch the spelling sections for ‘Americanisms!’ Contains links to interactive resources based on all subject areas. A really lovely collection of topic based articles, stories and images (Mainly history or F/S based). Wide ranging history resources, many of which we can support with Communicate In Print if required. F/S only – work/craft by theme. A great site but put on your sunglasses for the first page!! Click on core subject from list on left hand side – some great activities that could also be copied into exercise books.


Literacy A whole range of lovely interactive games for Primary aged children. For early years – American site so watch the accent but the children love it! Sebastian swan big books to share with the class, including some questions about the text (also available in French and Welsh!!!) Looks at the history of the written word, with ideas for making scrolls, writing during Victorian Times etc. Book reviews, free stories, writing activities and games for Primary aged children. Scroll down the page for free online animated stories. BBC website based on ‘letter and sounds’. Includes some great online games and activities – particularly the blending games.


More useful websites CHRISTMAS ONLY!! E-mail Santa with your class and receive a great reply – a very sweet activity for the younger classes (also includes games and other activities). Games based on the stories For children in FS or early years with fine motor control problems A fun spelling game against an opponent (computer) and the clock. Also improves typing speed and accuracy.


Numeracy Useful Maths website with lots of information to read up on, as well as fun games to play against anyone from school or anyone else in the world. A whole range of lovely interactive games for Primary aged children. An American website with some great interactive games. Numeracy homepage from the BBC including interactive games, programmes and worksheets. Fun maths games that can be set to different levels of difficulty. Each ‘level’ is a different game to the one preceding it. Maths games for older children Great maths games that can be set at different levels – playing against an opponent (computer) or the clock – very addictive! Games and explanations of different concepts with child friendly illustrations. Maths games for older children.


Other Fun games for children Characters, stories, songs and games for young children based on Cbeebies shows. Games, characters and other activities from Disney. Lots of fun for older students – visit Diagon Alley and Ollivander’s wand shop. Games and downloads from Warner Bros. for younger children Interactive art activities and games incl. ‘Dora the explorer’ Lots of different car and motorbike racing games – excellent for use in choosing time. Another of the children’s favourites during choosing time. Games, craft ideas, online colouring etc! Watch any of the classic Pixar ‘Shorts’, very, very funny! Games, downloads and printables for kids. Games and activities based on the books A whole range of fun free games for upper ks1 and ks2 children.

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