Year 3 and 4

In Years 3 and 4, we aim to provide a positive learning experience for every individual. We take pride in the fact that our children are taught in a safe, enjoyable, respectful learning environment, which promotes self belief, confidence and resilience.

Our ethos will value all children as individuals, raising self esteem whenever we can and creating a positive atmosphere through our interactions with the children and each other.

Our curriculum will be broad, balanced and creative with many opportunities for first-hand experiences.

We will be a dedicated and effective team who support each other and work for the positive development of our children. We will be open, honest and supportive of each other, setting positive examples to the children.

Our expectations will be high and we will provide challenge and support for all of our learners.

Our environment will be attractive, calm, ordered, safe and stimulating. It will celebrate the achievements of the children and stimulate and support their learning.