Healthy News

Byron Primary is commited to supporting the health and welfare of all our pupils.
We are working towards gaining the investors in Health award.
Priorities that will support our pupils health and wellbeing.
Priority 1 - Healthy weight Healthy Lives
 More than 20% of school aged children in Bradford are classed as obese.  Obesity can lead to serious health risks.  We can take steps to reduce childhood obesity by
  • Providing a healthy diet
  • Providing lots of opportunities for physical activities 
Healthy Lunch Box
In a recent survey of year 3,4,5 & 6 children 50% of children said they had a sandwich with jam or chocolate spread, over 50% had chocolate biscuits, 30% had crisps and 10% brought sweets.  Encouragingly almost all said they had at least 1 portion of fruit in their lunchbox.
  • A Sandwich -meat ,tuna, egg, salad (not jam or chocolate spread)
  • pasta or rice salad
  • carrot. celery, cucumber sticks
  • crackers and cheese
  • 1 or more portions of fruit
  • if you send crips choose those with reduced fat and salt content
  • please do not include sweets or chocolate biscuits and choose healthy options instead such as healthy snacks bars, plain biscuits or buns, or a handful of grapes.
 For more ideas and information look at the change for life website or pick up a leaflet.
Please support us by providing healthy lunches for your children.
Get Active
  • Walk to school or shops, leave the car at home
  • Encourage your child to take up a sport or join an after school club such as football, dance, basket ball etc
  • Go to the park or for a walk together.