Fantasy Week

After a busy week at Byron during Fantasy Week, we are pleased (and relieved) to say that we rose to the challenge! Children worked so hard in their classes and in the library to follow the clues and discover the witch's spell before she returned to our school! In doing so we have been able to banish her forever! Hooray!

Well done to EVERYONE for their effort and hard work during Fantasy Week, it was a real success and both children and staff really to enjoyed it. Lots of amazing books have been read, and lots of fabulous work has been created! It was lovely so see examples of the fantastic and creative things during last week's assembly! 

30th October 2017
Today sees the launch of Fantasy Week at Byron Primary School! This week is about the promotion and exploration of Fantasy and Spooky texts throughout school and has been kick started with some fantastic fancy dress!
To coincide with Fantasy week, it appears that during the holidays, a spooky visitor has been causing havoc throughout school. Children have arrived at school after half term to strange goings on, and topsy turvy classrooms! It seems they have to work together to locate a lost spell and only have until the end of the week to banish our spooky visitor forever! Good luck!
Fantasy week is about providing children with new experiences and memorable lessons, based around unfamiliar  and exciting texts. We not only want to engage children, but provide them with experiential learning opportunities based around books, which will then help them in all areas of the curriculum. Watch this space to see what we have been getting up to this week, and if we were successful in finding the spell and banishing the witch forever! Fingers crossed!