EYFS Parents Information and Involvement

Welcome to our Wonderful EYFS Department.  This web-page is your window into your child's daily school life.  

In December 2016 Ofsted said "Early years Provision is Good.  The thoughtfully planned activities ignite children's curiosity."

We are extremely proud of every child in our department and each member of staff has been hand-picked to ensure that our children receive the best possible start to their education.  Our Early Years Ethos is one of calmness, organisation and is underpinned by positive learning behaviours.  We have a thirst for learning new things and staff professional development is key to the success of our department.  


"Children come into the world exquisitely designed, and strongly motivated, to educate themselves. They don't need to be forced to learn; in fact, coercion undermines their natural desire to learn." Peter Gray



Future Dates for Training and Parent Workshops:
EYFS Newsletter2018-9
PE Lessons
Every Wednesday morning Elm class have PE and every Thursday morning Oak and Ash and classes have PE.  Our specialist PE Teachers Mr Bennett,Mr Hellewell and Mr Musa teach us all about being physically active and working together as a team.  
It is really important that we wear the correct PE kit and that everything is labelled clearly with our name.
Evaluation and Feedback of Training and Parent Workshops:
HENRY training for Parents
Did you know that we run the HENRY course for EYFS parents?
Every Wednesday morning from 9.30-11.30
If you are interested, please see Mrs Pemberton.
HENRY Course feedback
A special THANK YOU to Mrs Pemberton and Nasreen (our amazing parent volunteer) for running another successful HENRY course.  The feedback from parents is fantastic as always.  Our next course will be running on a Wednesday morning in March.  If you are interested then please speak to Mrs Pemberton in Early Years. 
Parents Maths Workshop
Our termly maths workshop held by Miss Mcphee and Mrs Ahmed was a huge success! All parents received a certificate of attendance for their child's learning journal.  
We are offering Parent's Numicon packs for £10.  Please see Mrs Ahmed if you are interested. 
Parents Phonics Workshop
Our first EYFS phonics workshop was a huge success, with over 40 parents attending! If you would like any further support then please do not hesitate to contact Miss Mcphee.
Below are some of the comments that parents made about the training:
RWInc Phonics Resources
Below you will find:
Green words (Fred Talk)
The red words (tricky words that we just need to know)
Reading at home
You can use this wonderful link to access hundreds of e-books at home.
Click on any book with an 'e' to read it at home
Apart from that nightly bedtime story, what else can you do to make sure your child gets off to a good start, gains independence and enjoys reading? There are lots of simple things you can do at home to help. Take a look at these top tips and try out some of the ideas to see what works well in your home. Why not start by listening to Julia Donaldson's top tips for reading with your child?