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Post Covid re-opening in September 20

To help the children adjust to our new bubble arrangements, we will be having two induction days:

Monday 7th September - Years 6, 3 and 2

Tuesday 8th September - Years 5, 4 and 1

School will be open for all year groups 1-6 from Wednesday 9th September.


To help parents with social distancing we will be having staggered start times as follows:

Monday 7th September                                    Tuesday 8th September

8.30 am  6S, 3M, 2T                                               8.30 am  5H, 4K, 1H

8.45 am  6R, 3B, 2J                                                8.45 am  5M, 4W, 1M

9.00 am  6L, 3D, 2H                                               9.00 am  5W, 4P, 1D


Further information will follow nearer the time.